Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wholeness Integration ... Process of Growth

Through the continuos progression of our souls from each lifetime to the next until we master that planetary and physical state of being the life lessons will continue.

When we are ready to move on and we have completed our souls purpose for each physical form we take there will always be new adventures to experience.

The denser the physical form the faster we may grow and yet the more challenging it is to perceive all of it in it totality.

Maintain your forward limitless momentum through projecting your love and compassion from your divine soul essence within.

Know that the future and past are projected from the eternal now and that a physical body in which you is currently experiencing is only a small part of your totality of being.

We are each here to experience and learn new things. Connecting with the totality of God / Goddess and experience your life and a part of GOD for your soul is a spark of God's living mind and living heart.

Be that divine mind.....live from that Divine Heart. Take off the layers of your own onion to reveal the brilliant beacon of living light that you are.

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Portal Image #2
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