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A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a course in mind training that may be studied for the purpose of awakening from a world of pain and death to the full and joyful awareness of God’s love. Here is a sketch of what the course says.

God is. I am Spirit, created by God and forever loved and protected by God. All is one.

So where did pain and death arise? Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. ACIM p586

My “idea” was to see what it would be like to be separate from God and run my own show. This is not possible in realty where all is one. So I fell asleep and dreamed a world of duality in which I could be separate.

To make this dream convincing I had to forget all I knew, make a thought system that was oppositional to reality, and turn my mind over to it. The instant I did this I feared I had really separated from God. I was seized with guilt and terrified that God would punish me.

To lessen my guilt and fear, I had my “ego” thought system create illusory events in form, the purpose of which were to convince me that I was a vulnerable body and that others were trying to attack me.

My ego dutifully projects evil motives onto others and has my senses misperceive their actions as attacks on my innocence. This justifies my attack/defense thoughts about them. It is a vicious cycle. Hence, I live in a world of pain and death.

This dream is self-perpetuating. It’s like living in a coma after a brain injury—unless I choose to awaken.

To awaken I lead my mind back out, one illusory perception at a time. By asking God for help I can reinterpret a fearful perception. I recognize that what I thought someone did to me did not occur; I just made it up. So I can easily forgive it and let it go.

As I do this, each illusion is transformed from fear to an experience God’s love. Because it defies the physical laws of the dream world, it is called a miracle. Each is a memorable experience of relief and joy.

When I have gained sufficient perspective on my ego thought system and cease to find any value in it, I will awaken from the dream to the total experience of peace, joy and love.

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The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

The Secret Movie: Visualization Tool

Amma's darshan

miracle by Amma

Amma's life is her message


Amma's life is her message. In other words, Amma does not teach anything that she herself does not practice. Living from moment to moment in a constant state of supreme happiness, Amma warmly embraces thousands of people day after day, wiping their tears, giving them her divine guidance and offering solace to all who come to her. Amma recommends the path of selfless-service through the example of her own life.

Amma says, "The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of the earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible.

Meditation and studying the scriptures are like two sides of a coin. The engraving on that coin is selfless service, and that is what gives it its real value. Our compassion and acts of selflessness take us to the deeper truths. Through selfless action we can eradicate the ego that conceals the Self. Detached, selfless action leads to liberation. Such action is not just work; it is karma yoga."

Amma always points out that the purpose of one's life is to realize who we really are. She says, "By realizing our own Self we become full, with nothing more to gain in life. Life becomes perfect."

To attain this goal, Amma says that no particular path or spiritual practice can be recommended for all. "Just as a doctor gives different dosages or even different medications to patients with the same ailment according to their constitution, so does a Spiritual Master prescribe different methods to different people to reach the same goal. Spirituality is the practical science of life. Apart from taking us to the ultimate goal of Self-realization it also teaches us the nature of the world, and how to understand life and live fully in the best way possible."

However, Amma says that the path of devotion and selfless-service is the safest and most conducive path for many people.

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