Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Transitional Step towards our manifestation of our 5th Dimensional new earth

Lightworkers are now integrating new light codes into our DNA matrix. One must become aware of the "Presence Within" before one can step forward into integrating new light codes. Being capable of one's own innernet and inner heartspace into the tenple within. Then one enables their own capacity to enter into the sacred inner chamber of their heart allowing the new energies to merge and become one within self.

During this aspect of our physical, mental, spiritual, etheric bodies and all of their chakras a new transformation into our new crystalline 5th dimensional Will bring within, through and around our bodies more new higher dimensional grids will be coming into form.

Realization of the sacredness of ONENESS and WHOLENESS of being We will be *(utulizing other's energies is not according to the best and highest good of all and one does inflict karma upon oneself - thereby you CANNOT UTILIZE other's energy and YOU CANNOT expect others to follow your footprints ) * utilizing their energy and guiding the rest of the population of the (earth does follow our footsteps that they have been resisting.) We can only change ourselves. No one else. When one is ready to become awake and aware that is the time for their BEing. Releasing all the layers that are no longer needed by self with forgiveness and unconditional love is a step in the right direction. You may consider Peace as living in "The Presence" but peace is only the first step towards walking and living in the Heart of God, and God in your heart which is what I call the "Presence". I think that the first step is learning to be quiet, and beginning to develop in the inner chambers of your heart "The Presence". Only after allowing ourselves to flow in the precious energy of "The Presence" can we continue on our path to transformation. Then we can truly co-create.

We all know Peace and Love are the primary keys to this transformation. Allow yourselves to be like caterpillars co-creating cocoons.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Inner Peace Expressions

Metatrons Cube

First Contact Video

Dr. Tracy Thiem blog talk radio

Portal Image #2

Portal Image #2
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