Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Multidimensional Integration Process

Sharing the gift of healing unites our world and brings our awareness closer to our Galactic brothers and sisters.Om Namah Sivaya...I salute the Divinity within each of you...many blessings

Expression of our love and unity with all of creation through co-creating the future together by reaching out to each other. Healing ourselves…

Integration of our multidimensional self and to utilize this total awareness time has come NOW. Each of us can work through our own spark of Source / God consciousness within our own soul essence. Through this true self empowerment and working with our galactic family we will guide our fellow earth inhabitants into the Golden Age.
Allow your spark to grow and expand so you are the beacon of Divine Living Light.
Show by example your own inner transformation like that of the butterfly’s metamorphosis for all around you to observe. More who seek this will be drawn to you to learn this true self empowerment.

If you are interested in the multidimensional integration process send me an email with your contact info. I look forward to working with each of you individually and collectively.

Post a comment with your email and or contact info


marcie said...

Namaste. yes i am interested in learning more. I am an Amma devotee. please do not publish my email on comments. Thanks mm

Anonymous said...

It's nice to connect with you, my brother, myself. Here we are on the theshold of the Golden Age, the New Earth. I am grateful to you for the work you do. We are the Light, let our Light shine upon All. I'd like to share and grow with you. Thank you for your comment on my website.

In Oneness and Love of ALL,
Jody Howard

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