Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sacred Geometry and your multi dimensional self

Sacred Geometry and your multi dimensional self:

All of creation is created by the sacred geometry http://www.sacred-geometry.com/3Dforms.html of the universe. It is the mathematical structure of form. It is closely linked to the Fibonacci sequence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number.

Some intuitives are visual from their inner vision, some are tactile.. they can feel the energy or a combination of the two. Personally I utilize both in the energy work that I do.

How you perceive energy patterns in all its forms is unique to your own abilities that your soul has developed. As long as you maintain a strong connection with your higher self (Soul essence within) and work from a centered awareness there is no wrong perception. With practice you will further refine your perception into a more clear understanding of these and many other things.

We are multi dimensional beings have a very hard dense experience through this difficult physical embodiment of the aspect of your soul essence that is projected here into this 3D / 4D physical dimension.

Often I use this visual to help other to understand.
Visualize a telescope which is a series of lenses. The top one is your higher self.. the highest aspect of your individual soul essence before it merges with the infinite source and all of creation.

Each lens has a different focal point. Each focal point is a different dimension (quantum field) Your soul projects a part of your souls expression on each focal point. It may be physical or non physical.

The heaviest and most dense quantum field of physical expression is here 3D and 4D.

When we move up to the 5D physical expression all the ones above us move up as well.

If you are interested in discussing this more let me know.

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