Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Re-integrating your true divine soul essence and personal freedom from the karmic wheel

True healing is accomplished from re-integrating your true divine soul essence and healing through love, forgiveness, acceptance and letting go of past and present sources of remaining karma. This process can take many lifetimes to accomplish. The ending of the 3d/ 4d life experience for many lightworkers/ way showers is to complete this process to be free from the karmic wheel of reincarnation in this physical human density form and move onward into exploration of new physical and non physical higher dimensional soul aspect expressions. Our souls choose to step down into this challenging human form in the 3d / 4d form for many reasons. Part of this is to be of service and also to share the wisdom from the higher realms where our souls have studied and worked.

Sometimes our soul falls from grace in the higher realms and come down to learn specific lessons that can be learned in the lower vibrational physical forms. When this is accomplished they can go back up to the higher realms where they originally came from.

Implementation of the higher divine lessons from the heavenly realms in our guidance to our clients is easier than integrating it into our own home / personal life experiences.
With other souls that we live with or are close to that are less aware than ourselves is far more challenging but, not impossible.

Look upon all around you in their Buddha Christ nature and help that to unfold. This is done through love and compassion, bypassing your ego is essential to accomplish this. Bring them into unison of their own divinity by working with their higher self through your own.

The key is to practice bringing in your own I am presence and then theirs. If there is intense holding on to the past life karmic wheel (mental, emotional, spiritual) patterns / habits it will take time to complete. I am working on this myself with my family members. It as the old saying goes... easier said than done... but, not impossible...

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