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NEW VIOLET FLAMES By Troika Saint Germain

NEW VIOLET FLAMES! By Troika Saint Germain Copyrighted September 25, 2005

I wanted to quickly let everyone know about the New Violet Flames that the Beloved I AM has brought forth for our growth and use. I AM receiving more and more information about them with each day, hour and minute. The information is coming to me directly from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain.
I will post more later and will probably write a book about this new discovery.
These, indeed, are exciting times!
There is a Violet Flame for EACH Ray. Each Violet Flame has the color of the Ray on the outer edge.
I have known for a very long time that the Violet Ray and Violet Flame were TWO different things and this further proves that they are. However, because they are both Violet, it is hard to see the outer edge like you can with the other Rays.
Each Ray is a quality of God I AM Presence.
The "new" Violet Flames are to be used for the corresponding dimension and/or imbalances of the Ray's qualities. Our "usual" Violet Flame will and does work on all Rays and dimensions but using the particular Violet Flame of the Ray is much more effective for those issues.
Example: Say someone has a Heart chakra imbalance or broken heart or a hard time feeling/giving love, etc. They would use the Emerald Ray Violet Flame or the Pink Ray Violet Flame for those issues. . . . and so on with each Ray's Violet Flame.
There are also a Metallic Gold Violet Flame and Silver/Platinum Violet Flame, which are even more special because they are Father God/Mother God rather than Rays. They can be used alone for more Masculine, or more Feminine influence, imbalances, issues, etc., or blended together in a state of perfect balance.
There is another one that looks similar to the Diamond Ray (there IS a Diamond Ray Violet Flame but this is slightly different) which is very liquid, and is actually the I AM Presence! WOW! It is fabulous and using it is truly amazing in action and feeling.
Last night (Oct 3rd 2005, during the New Moon and Jewish New Year), I was first shown the Rainbow Violet Flame which combines all the Rays in the outer edge. As I was looking at it, it suddenly changed form. The colors separated from the Violet Flame and became an upward spinning twin spiral (DNA) with the Violet Flame blazing in the center. Awesome to say the least!
I "directed" the Gold, Silver/Platinum and I AM energies to be added. It was then the ALL THAT IS, the Ultimate Source GodHead . . . . at least for now in our development. The "Ultimate" is always subject to change with our advancement and God's continual expansion.

The Twelve Rays or Aspects of Deity

First Aspect of Deity - Sapphire Blue
Qualities: Divine Will, Power, Protection, Illumined Faith, Divine Order, Unity.

Second Aspect of Deity - Sunshine Yellow
Qualities: Enlightenment, God Illumination, Wisdom, Understanding, Christ Consciousness.

Third Aspect of Deity - Crystalline Pink
Qualities: Divine Love, Adoration, Tolerance, Humanitarianism, Reverence for all Life.

Fourth Aspect of Deity - White
Qualities: Purity, the Immaculate Concept, Hope, Restoration, Resurrection, Ascension.

Fifth Aspect of Deity - Emerald Green
Qualities: Healing, Illumined Truth, Inner Vision, Consecration, Concentration, Dedication.

Sixth Aspect of Deity - Ruby
Qualities: Divine Grace, Devotional Worship, Healing, Peace.
Seventh Aspect of Deity - Violet
Qualities: Freedom, Victory, Divine Justice, Liberty, Limitless Transmutation, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, the Power of Invocation, Divine Ceremony, Limitless Physical Perfection.

Eighth Aspect of Deity - Aquamarine
Qualities: Clarity, Divine Perception, Discernment, Lucidity, Vivification.

Ninth Aspect of Deity - Magenta
Qualities: Harmony, Balance, Assurance, Solidity, Confidence.

Tenth Aspect of Deity - Gold
Qualities: Eternal Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Financial Freedom, Opulence.

Eleventh Aspect of Deity - Peach
Qualities: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Selfless Service.

Twelfth Aspect of Deity - Opal
Qualities: Transformation, Transfiguration, Rebirth.

Additional Rays (or Flames) That I Have Seen
Diamond Ray
Appearance: Transparent light with all colors flashing within. Qualities: Complete Perfection and Integration of all 12 Rays, Godhead, Nirvana.
Gold White Ray
Appearance: White light with flecks of metallic gold. Qualities: Highest aspect of the Divine Father Consciousness.
Silver/Platinum Ray
Appearance: Shimmering semi-transparent Silver/Platinum light. Qualities: Highest aspect of the Divine Mother Consciousness.
Rainbow Ray
Appearance: Shimmering semi-transparent Rainbow light which combines all 12 Ray colors. Qualities: Similar to Diamond Ray with a focus on our 3rd-5th dimensional bodies.
Irisdescent White Light Ray
I particularly have been seeing this over a year now and it began during one of my meditations with the Dolphins of this Color Ray coming in and alighting me these energies . . .Almost magickally. . . . Felt they came from Source directly. Since then they come often. Absolutely releases any dark entity energies. . . when sending reiki and when they appear I know that it is very sacred. The one they are going to are also most sacred. I am so honored when they come like that.

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