Monday, August 27, 2007

Life's Structural Balance

When you grow up in a home environment with little or no structure, you need to build a new foundation in which to grow from. Perhaps you should flee to your neighbor’s house next door! Whatever you do - do not escape into drugs or other extreme challenging environments that threaten our well being, you can meet with peril and possible death or permanent injury that affects the rest of your life. Healing past this type of life experience is extremely difficult and requires the development of tremendous inner strength.

1) Consider Constructive Creative Exploration and self-discovery
2) Create the life you have longed for, and organize your life towards that end.

A loving, caring environment is usually strict. Unloving and uncaring environments are not. Strictness instills a sense of order and (self) discipline. Children need boundaries. Rewards and loss of privileges are expected up to a certain age. Boundaries are established and maintained by concerned parents. Children need discipline.

It is the children’s job to test their parents in order to see how much they can get away with! Life is a power struggle. It is about whose in control. Self-esteem concerns are usually internalized via self-manipulation of internal emotional issues. Therefore, blaming others is far easier than blaming yourself! As adults, we place ourselves where we are throughout life. We always have the power to change. That is providing we have the will to change, and of course that we are in excellent physical and financial health to facilitate positive change. (needs to be reworked and expanded)

Rebuilding your family foundation with unconditional love and a strong support structure provides your children with the inner strength that stays with them throughout their lives.

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