Monday, August 27, 2007

Understanding the thought process

Understanding your thought process and how it creates the life, you experience and how it affects your perspective. Your perspective directly affects, what you communicate, and how everyone around you responds towards you. As we learn and grow from life's experiences, our understanding of ourselves and what life is all about becomes clearer. Through this process, we will come to understand how we understand ourselves and how we relate with the world around us. It also helps us to understand how others are affected by what we communicate verbally, none verbally or through our actions or lack of action.

Introspection through careful observation of our own thoughts and how others in our lives respond to how we communicate provides an important key to creating happiness and success. Keep in mind the intent we have within our very thought and emotions directly affect all aspects of the life we experience.

Often our areas in life where we experience intense thoughts and emotions can suddenly take a form of their own. This is called a thought form. For example, we may have difficulty dealing with and acknowledging a specific personal fault or weakness. We continually redirect self-blame and project our anxiety to others or ignore these types of situations altogether throughout life. These same types of situations continually reoccur and the overall negative affect intensifies. We eventually may reach a breaking point and loose all hope and focus in life. It is like an extremely bad habit that we are totally oblivious to. Maintaining good habits are easier than breaking old bad ones. Most often, these are the hardest to break and that is when we must work to increase our true inner strength in order to overcome them. Good character builds the necessary strength. When we do that, we feel a tremendous sense of release and inner self-contentment. It is as if a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Behavioral Attitudes disrupt the family and continue the chaos, which needs to end.

Although we may feel attached to them through ‘fear of loosing something’, we can let them go. Alternatively, we can continue the way we are and choose to hold onto them harder then ever, choking our ability to think more positively. At that point is more difficult but, not impossible to let go of negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes...permanently. Our thoughts are closely linked to our emotions and how we understand ourselves and the world around us. As we learn and grow from life’s experiences, our understanding of ourselves and what life is all about. Through this inward journey of self-exploration our own thoughts and feelings becomes clearer and clearer to understand. Understanding yourself and others is the greatest challenge we face. What and how we communicate given our thoughts and feelings helps to create the many ways in which we interrelate with each other. While perceptions vary between members of the same family, that is: how we view others, and ourselves and how they view us...we are all bound together by a system of shared beliefs. These beliefs shape our values. (Parents lead by example) In the end, all the parents the world over (especially those who are no longer with us) leaves a legacy to their children. Beliefs and values are just that: a legacy. A legacy passed down from one generation to the next. In addition, that for the most part is what influences how people understand and interrelate with each other.

Understanding self-expression and how others understand what and how we communicate our thoughts and feelings creates the way we all interrelate with each other.

*Character does matter. Character shapes one’s destiny.

How we provide for our various needs can be in a positive, constructive way or a negative, self-destructive way. We have hunger for our physical carnal nature i.e. (food addictions, sexual addictions and many other mental/emotional forms of dis-ease). How we spend our free time in life can be used to create inner growth and happiness or mis-create a process of self-destruction and sorrow.

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