Monday, August 27, 2007

Understanding and Developing Communication and Self-Exploration Skills

Throughout life, we all experience many challenges or lessons. How we cope with them depends on what coping and communication skills we have learned since childhood. Through our early developmental years, we have learned many different things from our circumstances. Family members, relatives, and friends are a great influence. Teachers, religious leaders, and the media are influential as well. Our learning environment affects how we eventually relate to the world around us.
For some the strength, stability and structure of a loving family helps to promote responsible, caring, and law-abiding adults. Unfortunately, for others, the opposite is true. Caring supervision and consistent discipline are essential ingredients towards progressive growth and development of the children through adolescence and into young adulthood. Most importantly, spiritual awareness, rooted in the heart of children, in most cases helps to steer their minds towards responsible lives and citizenship. How we understand the world shapes our way along the path of life.

It is extremely important to acknowledge children’s individual strengths that are unique to them. Comparing siblings or enforcing unrealistic expectations onto them is very harmful and it creates inner confusion and resentment that is carried into their young adulthood. This can even affect their reaching their full potential in school and their self-esteem.

Due to the broad scope of the ideas expressed in this material, it is necessary to fine-tune the focus to a specific component topic. It is also our intent to discuss at length early intervention for children before they become high-risk teenagers or young adults. This written material is intended as a guideline of ideas for workshops. The specific workshops will be written and facilitated by individuals and organizations that are dedicated to their communities and all of humanity.

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