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Posted By: X_Hermes

Date: Sunday, 27 January 2008, 6:50 a.m. PLEASE NETWORK THIS JUST AS WIDELY

Here is a decree designed to bring many of us together in manifesting what
happens next on our planet. We are often told by those who communicate from
other realms that 'We Are The Architects of What Happens Next'! This is an
opportunity to serve in EXACTLY that role. If you are going to join the
decree you will probably need to print it off.

I have no doubt that there are many negativities and control systems that
are nefariously based and used to suppress the world population from
fulfilling its intended destiny. This decree will further shift that
situation and accelerate positive solutions.

The importance of such a decree is this: if we all want things to evolve
towards the light, but in the context of our manifesting work we all 'do our
own thing', the effectiveness can be as little as 10% (of a perfect result).
If, however, the same group of people all join in a single, focused request,
they can be up to 90% effective. The remainder is up to the quality of the

You will see that this decree is written as a command. Don't worry about
this if your culture / religious / spiritual background makes you feel
concerned that this is in some way an inappropriate way to speak to God.
Remember, God is in all things, including you, and you are God's microcosm.
As such, the whole is also within you, commanding the whole is your
birthright, and you will see that the decree is qualified at the end in
terms of the divine plan. It just needs a little confidence and 'ignoring
your programming'.

A decree in this form is more powerful that either invocation or prayer. You
may be sure that this is using your powers entirely in the light! It is
recommended that you withdraw to a quiet place where you will not be
interrupted. Then say the decree, with full confidence, out loud, since the
resonance of your voice is a significant factor in your effectiveness. If
you can do it in a small group, even better, for the power is then magnified

This is something that is REALLY, REALLY VALUABLE TO NETWORK. Such decrees
are exponential with the number of people who join them. You are truly in
service by passing this to all your friends and any networkers you know –
and ask them to do the same. Just imagine the energetic impact of this
decree once a few thousand have participated in it! Xavier Hermes

Here is The Decree:Read it a few times, so that you are familiar with the
content and flow. Then, say out loud, at a measured pace, and confidently:

I CALL FORTH all those who work with me from other realms of consciousness
including . . (here, list all those beings or cosmic organisations who are
personally important to you) to be present and bear witness to this my
Decree and I request and require your support to give full and immediate
effect there upon.

OUR PURPOSE herein is to return the freedom and creativity of the human
population of planet Earth, so that we may make the evolutionary jump that
is now before us without let or hindrance and with the maximum creative
input from us all. The benefit of this Decree is for all human beings and
human hybrid beings on Earth, incarnated or discarnate, which I collectively
call 'us'

I REQUIRE THAT THE POWER AND INTENT of every being entering or supporting
this our Decree, from Earth and including any and all other realms of
consciousness, be brought together so that their effect NOW shall be
exponential as each being joins this Decree, regardless of Earthly timing


• That all curses, spells, oaths, past agreements, constraining energy grids
frequency fences, broadcasts, negative thought forms, psychological
operations and other devices designed to diminish and control us from rising
to the fulfilment of our blueprints now be removed, erased or nullified as
appropriate and for all time

• That all similar constraints that have been placed on those who stand in
the light and whose purpose it is to serve the higher journey of humanity be
removed and that all possible support now be provided in order that these
volunteers be empowered to deliver that to which they have committed.

• That the power and resources of all those elite groups who have or who
have sought to control us and deflect us from our true purpose and destiny
for their own gain now be permanently removed

• That all those strategies that have resulted in our control through
institutions, manipulation of resources, suborning of religions or belief
systems, political railroading, use of technology for the dumbing-down of
populations and all like constraints now be the subject of permanent
reversal, and that the organisations used for their delivery should
irrevocably collapse

• That all those technologies that have been gifted for our benefit but
stolen and utilised for nefarious purposes against us or merely suppressed
now be returned to us so that each such gift is utilised as originally

• That all people of high integrity and positive intent who stand ready to
take high office and are appropriately qualified for the role on which they
focus now come forward and be accelerated to their position; that they
fulfil their role in service and with all due respect and consideration for
the people they serve; so that an era of wise leadership founded and
conducted in service to the whole comes swiftly into being

• That people the world over be reconnected with their natural integrity,
responsibility, knowingness and good heart so that we as a whole may return
unharmed from an era of gross manipulation and dishonesty and once again
establish standards of ethics and ways of living that reflect true human

• That we return to full and effective stewardship of our planet from a
place of understanding that she is a sentient being and of the many ways she
has served and continues to serve us

• That we now ride the waves of increasing frequency as our planet and
cosmic environment transforms and in so doing have our consciousness
progressively enhanced; our magical powers returned; and our connections to
universal consciousness brought back into our full awareness.

• That each individual be reconnected with all that has transpired in their
Earthly journey through many lifetimes together with the ability to draw
upon all those experiences, connections, skills and relationships as a fount
of knowledge and wisdom in our current lives.

• That without fear or trepidation we willingly and joyfully reconnect with
our space family through the physical Universe and across all dimensions as
is appropriate

• Earth being a nexus point for many other places, that we fully activate
our purpose here so that we may progressively move to play our full part in
the evolution of our universe as a whole

This is my solemn will and command SUBJECT ONLY TO IT BEING APPROPRIATE TO
THE DIVINE PLAN for this time on planet Earth.




Please remember NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. It is YOU who empowers this powerful manifestation tool. And thank you on behalf on humanity for what you do here. XH

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