Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The experiential process to achieve true self empowerment


One of the keys is to maintain a centered focus within our selves and perceive the world around us from our own higher perspective. Self-Empowerment is the key to achieve this and part of this process is strengthening our awareness of oneness.

The experiential process to achieve it and the journey can be shared through this forum to fine-tune our awareness of each of our individual missions to assist the collective consciousness of our planet earth and to assist mother earth and all of life to ascend into the new 5th dimensional reality we are co-creating together.

I use this Greeting often. Feel free to share it.

Divine love and blessings from my soul essence and divinity with my
spark of Source/ God within me to each of yours. It is through this
divinity within each of us that we are all one. It is the illusion
that we are separate from God/ Source. That divinity within is the key
to our individual self-empowerment.
Remember: We have this divine spark of Source within our soul essence
in addition, so does our animal friends. In addition, it is through this divinity
Within that, we are one with them and all of creation. All you have
to do is center yourself within your own soul essence and divinity
inside yourself and explore the world from that perspective.

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