Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exploration of your totality of being

Divine love and blessings from my soul essence and divinity with my spark of Source/ God within me to each of yours. It is through this divinity within each of us that we are all one. It is the illusion that we are separate from God/ Source. That divinity within is the key to our individual self empowerment.

Remember: We have this divine spark of Source within our soul essence and so does our animal friends. And it is through this divinity within that we are one with them and all of creation. All you have to do is center yourself within your own soul essence and divinity inside yourself and explore the world from that perspective.

Through the integration of your totality of being into your awareness / knowing ness… you can experience more of what the universe has to offer. Remember... Your physical human experience is only a small part of you. Your true self is your multi dimensional self/ your true soul essence. Only a small part of your true divinity resides within your physical body. Through that part of your soul essence and the spark of Source/ God within you can expand your awareness to all aspects of creation... the ONENESS.. that we hear of so often. This experience is a multi dimensional experience and cannot be put into human words. So.. Enjoy the Journey into all of who and what you truly are.

Marcus… healing4innerpeace@gmail.com

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